Be Strong And Do It…

At the end of the day, the bottom line with self development and self improvement is all about improving yourself. Much of it reconditioning the mind so we have different perspectives and look at issues differently. In most cases the goal is to go from a negative outlook to something extremely positive. By taking a positive outlook we are able to find ourselves in a position to live a more rewarding and a happy life.

Through the self improvement process, we examine the issues troubling us, go through it in detail and undergo the process of change. Some of this involve learning new skills in terms of how we process information mentally. And in some cases learning new skills to live a more suitable lifestyle.

After we have examined what is troubling us and deciding on a plan for change, we have to take the action to complete the work to get to to the other side. And work is what we must do. The work can sometimes merely be a time consuming process and no more. Just put the effort and work in, you have reached the desired goal. But in some instances, the task is difficult through fear and anxiety. In such instances, to reach the other side, it is ultimately to down to being strong and possessing confidence.

Strong and confident enough to actually do whatever you need to do. Some people might call it willpower or courage but ultimately it is about carrying out the action through mental strength. For example someone may be looking to quit smoking. When the cravings come along, it about being strong to hold back. Or a fear of flying in an air plane. Here it is about being strong to make yourself board that plane. Being strong and confident enough to do it.

Its not about about focusing on the fears but rather possessing the strength to carry out the the task. Often people find they do not have the strength and confidence to go through the task. So how does one develop the strength to do it?

One way is through affirmations. Tell yourself that you are strong and confident enough to do whatever that you need to do. Say to yourself “I am strong and confident” and feel it deeply. The greater the intensity of this feeling, the easier it will be to actually feel strong and confident. And when you do feel strong and confident, the easier that it will be to overcome the “difficulties”.

This is something that requires practice. The more you practice, the easier it will become. And things like meditation will only make it easier. So get out there and do it. After all, we all want to be living fulfilling happy life right now this instant…