Fake It To Make It…

So you want to change as a person. It could be that you
are shy and want to become outgoing, you could be stuck in rutt and want to live a new life or you could be someone embracing unhealthy relationships and no longer want that.

Whatever that is required you need to take action and take the steps to change to become the person you want to be. One way to do that is fake it to make it. Here what you do is to behave and act like the person you wish to become.

Say for example you want to be more outgoing. You just simply act and behave like an outgoing person. You, for example, take action and be more social with people you know and with new people that come into your life. You take on the behaviours of outgoing people and embrace that in your behaviour. This might not be the real you (so essentially faking it) but you are going to take the steps to change (which is effectively making it).
While “fake it to make it” sounds easy in principle, sometimes the reality might be different. So someone has been “shy” for their entire life and now wants to become the opposite of shy. Having lived a introverted life, all of a sudden breaking free and behaving different might be difficult to manage in one go. So perhaps its best to take it smaller managable steps rather then one big leap. Start small and build up to the desired goal.

At the start of the journey, since the whole concept is new, you are very much faking it. But do it enough times, it becomes ingrained in your personality and you have made it…