Keep Persevering…

Everyone knows the story of the tortoise and the hare. The story of the hare and tortoise racing one another and where the hare, having stormed away, decides it is so far ahead that it can take a rest. By the time the hare wakes up, the tortoise had raced ahead and reached the finishing line.

So we have a situation where the tortoise kept going having been so far behind and persisted with its efforts. While its not a good idea to race against others or even compare yourself to anyone else, whatever you do, if its remotely of importance, you should keep going.

In many tasks we carry out, there are times we will encounter all manner of road blocks and obstacles. It is going to create frustrations, disappointments and a hell of a lot of stress. And when these feelings and emotions come to the fore, it is all too easy to give up, quit and go home.

By quitting and essentially taking the easy option, we could well be missing out on a hell of a lot. You are missing out on an opportunity for self improvement and self development. Just imagine for example, you are doing a course of studies and it is becoming hard to juggle this with all the other things in life. By quitting, it will provide more time and perhaps make life easier and manageable. But what are the consequences in the long term?

It is likely, if the course was completed, is could lead to greater possibilities. It could be that the person is able to obtain a better job or career. One that provides a better salary and a greater job satisfaction. And improves their overall welfare of their life. And you have improved yourself in the process.

So a particular task might be painful and difficult right now in the mist. But it is advisable to keep going. Once the end goal is reached, it has provided the necessary development goals and you can start to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

You could be someone who is striving to lose weight or even put on weight and build muscle. Just by persisting with the plan and the action required to execute it, it will lead to the likelihood of great success. So do go to the gym and do the work out or use the power of mind to stick to the diet regimen.

So whatever your aims, ambitions and goals, keep at it and persist. And if you fail at something, pick yourself and persist some more until you get there…