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Overcome Fears Through Distraction

It is commonly known that, in order to to overcome a psychological fear, you expose yourself to the fear that is causing the problem. People have fears of wide range of things from spiders, heights to even people (known as social phobia or social anxiety). The list is endless.

Much of the time these fears are unfounded. There is no rational reason to feel the fear, it is usually not going to cause us any harm whatsoever yet we feel overwhelmed by it.

For example by finding yourself on an air plane is there any danger? The chance of anything happening is small yet some people are nervous and anxious of flying in a plane such that they avoid it altogether.

There are psychological issues which are causing the problems some of which stem from childhood and our experiences in this important development phase.

It is widely known that by facing the fear, that is to say we take part in the activity that is causing the problem, we become desensitized and eventually it is a fear no more.

But what about if we cannot bring ourselves to face the fear. When in its mist, it can create enormous anxiety and stress to overwhelm us to the point, we cannot fully go through with it. And without going through with the task that creates the fear, we simply will not overcome it.

One method to overcome fears in such a situation is to use affirmation to distract us from the fear and the anxiety.

When faced with the fear, we will feel the anxiety, the nerves, the sweating, the beating of the heart and whatever else that are the symptoms of the phobia.

In this scenario we continually say an affirmation such as “I am confident”, “I am strong”, “ am great” or whatever else you see as appropriate.

By continually saying the affirmation, you are distracting the mind from the anxiety which is stopping you from performing the task or taking part in the activity.

By blocking the anxiety, it provides the opportunity to carry out the task without any of the nerves. And when you have done it enough times, you become desensitized to it, and is a fear no more.

The trick here is to really focus and say the affirmation continually as you are about to embark of the task. It is effectively getting the mind to focus on something else other then the fear and making it easier to do the task at hand. (Should add here, like many things in life, this is something that may or may not work for you but is worth a try).

Many of fears people face are non existent, it something that is simply in their head (but the fear is real, overpowering and cannot be dismissed as trivial).

Through facing it, we can overcome it and improve the quality of our life. So go ahead and do it!