Overcoming Fears

Everyone has all manner of fears. A lot of the times, it is not something that has a major impact on a person’s life. For example you could have a fear of heights but finding yourself at great heights is not something you encounter everyday so therefore it is not a massive issue.

But people do find themselves with fears that has a major handicap in leading a productive and useful life. For example you might want to be more assertive around people but certain fears limit and hinder your ability to show a sense of assertiveness.  Or perhaps you are “shy” around people and not being your true-self.

The only way to truly overcome your fears is to actually face it head on, feel the fear and desensitize yourself to it. So whatever the fear, face it and do it!

Sometimes it is not possible to just face the fear like that because we are so overwhelmed by it. The trick here is to prepare yourself and face the fear slowly but surely and before you know of it, you are free!