Overcoming Social Anxiety…

Social anxiety is an extremely debilitating condition. While in the company of people, gripped with fear, anxiety, and panic attacks, it is not a pleasant condition to say the least.

Depending on the individual’s personality, it can have a severe effect on the quality of life. If someone prefers the company of people and extroversion but is excluded from being themselves, it is a troubling situation. It is going to make them very unhappy and bring about problems such as depression. And it will ensure they do not lead the lives they truly want and deserve.

Social anxiety is no different to any other fear. Example of fears include of fear of spiders, heights or air planes. Social anxiety is a fear of social scenarios and interacting with people. People experiencing social anxiety experience similar emotions to those who might be fearful of say heights. Given it is a necessity to communicate with others, social anxiety is a major handicap.

The only real cure to overcoming social anxiety, like any other fear, is to take part in self improvement, actually face the fear and expose yourself you it. So a case of throwing yourself into the fear and by facing it, with time, you become desensitise to its effects. Such that it is no longer a fear and that you are calm and relaxed in the situation which was once a frightening experience.

It is very easy to say “just go in there and do it”. But sometimes, it is not difficult to just throw yourselves into it and face your fears. The fear is just too overwhelming to do it. People talk about taking baby steps where the individual gradually exposes themselves to the fear. This is potentially an easier and a more accommodating scenario then jumping in head on. For example someone may want to face the fear and talk to one individual person and them gradually increase the size of the group.

When the person actually goes ahead and faces the fear comes down when they are ready. It could well be someone is in a comfort zone and is not actually ready to face the fear. A situation might not be pleasant but because someone might have been in the scenario for such a long time that, they are content with it. But with time the pain of it may become so unbearable such like they strike out and do it.

If you are suffering from social anxiety, it might not be too pleasant but with a bit of patience and time, it can be overcome and lead a “normal” life. Whatever “normal” means to you! And in the process you will have achieved a major self improvement transformation.

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  1. Great Article, Social Anxiety is a real threat in our life. Imagine you see the beautiful girl but you have the feeling of an uncomfortable inside, so what courage you to come to talk to her. The Core Value of Social Anxiety curing is you have to conquer your fear and getting something new randomly (you eventually haven’t think about it). Make it simple, get out of comfort zone and reliable (calculate risks for very short amount of time, and do it) so you can remove overwhelming action.

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