Persist And Keep Going

To master a particular skill set, it is often not a quick process. It takes time to reach the level of an expert and the key to it is to keep practicing the art over the course of time. Therefore if you keep going and persisting you will get there.

Sometimes we want whatever that is sought very quickly. This is especially so in current the modern era of “I want it now rather then tomorrow”. But as they say the best things happen to to those who wait!

So no matter how frustrating something might be, it is advisable to keep going and persisting. In some endeavours you might to chipping away at it for a long time and not see a “visible” improvement. But as you keep practising the art, things might be shifting and improving without your conscious awareness. And it could well the the next time you do whatever you are striving to master, everything falls into place and things have “clicked”.

So even if you are finding a task difficult and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, keep working away it. And before you know it, you have mastered it!