Social Retardation…

Being in possession of great social skills will help you in life. We humans like animals such as wolves and dogs are social creatures. We work at best with others as a team rather then as solo artists. It is in contrast to creatures such as snakes who are habitually solitary creatures.

So thus if you are able to get on well with others, it is going to aid your efforts in life. You will get ahead in manner of things from forging ahead in the world of work, to building great relationships with friends, family and more closer personal connections.

So being a social retard is not a good position to occupy. Perhaps the term “social retard” is somewhat a strong turn of phrase and “socially awkward” or “socially unskilled” is more appropriate kinder way to describe the situation. Being a socially unskilled is not the end of the world since there are many things one can do. Especially with technology there are occupations that require little human interaction and with social media, all manner of socialization can be achieved without real human interaction.

But large aspects of our lives do involve interacting with others and a more enriching life is achieved through dealing with others. No matter what our skill levels are when it comes to socialising, it is something we can all improve upon. So take the steps to self improve in this area. One way to improve is to open up to the idea of talking to everyone you come across. This way you are practising the art and improving on these skills. You are essentially building the up muscle and becoming stronger in this area. And before you know it, you are a social butterfly and will have the world at your beck and call!