The Dreaded Comfort Zone…

We are all aware of the dreaded comfort zone. It is a situation where things need to change and evolve but where we fail to take the required action and continue to wallow in the undesired situation.

It could be for example, we involved in a self improvement process to lose weight and improve our appearance but fail to take the necessary action. We continue to indulge in the lifestyle that is familiar instead of bringing about change to the proceedings.

All of this is because we are comfortable where we are and there is no real desire to change. Though we may say we want to lose weight but the ultimately the burning desire is not there.

You could argue you are merely fooling yourself. Essentially you are wasting time and energy by contemplating the thought of losing weight. You could even argue that this energy and time could have employed onto something else that you really are committed to.

Sometimes the comfort zone is so entrenched that you become emotionally uncomfortable when taking action in your chosen endeavour.

If you are experiencing the dreaded comfort zone, the best course of action is to really dig deep and use all the strength you have to push yourself to do whatever that you want to do.

This could be from facing a fear you want to overcome to no longer procrastinating and doing some of the tasks that has been neglected for far too long.

Sometimes everything we do in life is just a question of timing. It could well be this comfort zone scenario exists because you are not ready for it. But over time, if it is something so important, the tasks we have been off putting becomes so intolerable.

The pain is such that you snap out of the predicament and take massive action and fully engage in the self improvement and self development process.

So whatever it is you want to do, if you do reach an impasse or deadlock, it is not the end of the world. Persist and keep going and with time, there is a good chance the light at the end of the tunnel becomes apparent.