What Is The Point Of Life?

the point of lifeYou may be wondering what is the point of life? What is certain about life is that is that we can come to this great planet that is Earth, do our thing and leave. At this moment in time, there is no such thing as eternal life but with the human coming up with all sorts new inventions, there may well be something that fits that bill in the future.

As a human being, given your pecking order in society, you are pretty much free to pursue your desires and wishes while here on this planet. You could find a purpose of life by doing the things which are of interest, that arose stimulation, enjoyment, excitement and and any other adjective you wish to use.

No one really knows the true meaning of life but what is a certainty is that we come here, do our thing and leave. While you are here, it does make sense to be happy and content. And live life to the full!